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Why you should be blazing the trail of alternative stag destinations?


You won’t hear this very often, but in reality, where you go on your stag party is not the most important thing – it’s who you go with and the experiences that you have together that counts. You could be drinking fermented cows milk in a yurt in outer Mongolia** (no!) or spending a cold night in a British tank in Lithuania and still have the time of your life if you're sharing the experience with your mates.

Ibiza, Mykonos, Barcelona or Amsterdam, they’re incredible destinations and worth a visit, however, there are some lesser known countries and cities that you might have never heard of but we’re happy to introduce you to them (you’re welcome!)

Firstly, check out3 main reasons why you should be considering a country no-one has even heard about:

1: Value for Money – It’s the trip of a lifetime with no expense spared but seriously, no one likes to be ripped off. Unfortunately, once you start visiting the usual stag cities you tend to find that the prices have been hiked in anticipation of hoards of drunken stags and groups of lads looking for a good time. Trust us; beer tastes slightly bitter when you're paying 10 euro a pint.

Choosing an alternative destination might mean cheaper flights, accommodation and beer (yay!). Most up and coming cities are keen to entice tourism and offer some mind-blowing deals for parties and groups. For example, a table in a club in Barcelona will be a minimum of €1,000 while in Lithuania only €100 for the same bottle of Grey Goose, company and music. Plus you can expect plenty of eye candy in the clubs.

Reducing costs for the essentials means that more of your friends will be able to afford the trip – the more, the merrier! It also means that you might have extra funds for the stag’s fancy dress, and some lovely company on your limo ride. Better value for your money? WINNER!

2: Feel Welcome – In some places, stag parties have a slightly unfavourable reputation. Now we aren’t blaming anyone in particular (*winks at the brilliantly boozy Brits*). Let’s just say that thanks to a few too many lycra clad stags getting carried away, you might not get the most welcome reception in places like Riga.

In comparison, once you start exploring some overlooked destinations you will find that hotels and restaurants welcome you with open arms. Many are excited about the prospect of a bunch of cool guys wanting to party in their city and go out of their way to make sure you have the best time.

3. Authentic Experience – What do you think about staying in a windmill, firing AK-47 Kalashnikov or raising above the city in a hot air balloon?

Some groups love the gimics; the fancy dress, strip clubs and dancing on the tables. So do we! We just take it to the next level and do it so much better. You can make socially acceptable memories and plenty of Insta stories!  Ask us about a group which tried 75% strong liquor in Lithuania, danced on the tables in a private villa party and spent the morning gazing at the stars.  The stag still says it was a better party than the actual wedding (please don’t tell the Bride!)

From your family, to friends and work colleagues, everyone will want to know about where you went – just remember that what goes on tour, stays on tour!

So widen your search and step off the beaten track (or just sit back and let Vilnius Weekend organise you the perfect trip  - just saying ;) )

**Unless you are particularly fond of bears and freezing to death you should probably swerve outer Mongolia as a destination!


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