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7 key roles that every BEST MAN needs to master


It has been a busy summer. Your newsfeed is clogged up with engagement announcements (where have all the memes gone?). Aww congratulations, you got the best man gig, didn't you?

Spoiler alert - best man duties aren’t limited to selecting strippers for the stag do and snogging the bridesmaids. You've had a massive honour bestowed on you, and it's time to step up!

It's simple, follow this list and you can’t go wrong (haha just kidding, you could still totally ruin their special day, but it's way less likely).


1. Agony Aunt 

Weddings are overwhelming, even if he’s marrying ‘the one’. Your job is to keep your buddy cool, calm and collected throughout. Show interest in the wedding and help where you can. If he starts getting cold feet, then it’s your job to warm them up (not literally you weirdo – that’s taking the bromance a step too far!)

2. Fashion Guru 

You are in charge of arranging the suit fittings for the groom and ushers. Organising men for a shopping trip is like trying to herd cats, so offer an incentive, maybe lunch and a few beers?

Aim to impress the bridesmaids with a suited and booted dapper set of ushers. Failing that just make sure no one is naked or wearing a tracksuit on the big day.

3. The Stag do 

Let's be honest, it's as important as the actual wedding (just never say that in front of the bride!), so you’ve got a lot to do!

  • Stag do committee – get a couple of guys that you trust and can help the rest of the group organised.
  • Home or Away? It’s all very well booking a weekend in Vegas, but if the groom doesn’t have a passport, then that’s an epic fail.
  • The guest list? This is a once in a lifetime bonding experience for your inner circle of friends. Only true friends are invited (oh and maybe groom’s dad). As far as the future dad or brother in law is concerned, it’s completely up to the stag to decide. It's a sensitive subject, so we aren’t making any suggestions about this!
  • His (or your) bucket list? Whether it’s driving a tank, shooting a Kalashnikov or dressing as a unicorn and dancing the conga, why not tick items off the list together?
  • DIY or professional planner? You have two choices, either spend hours researching destinations, hotels and activities (and in some countries, get completely ripped off for the pleasure all while running around with Google maps and trip advisor in hand). Alternatively, handover all the stress to an executive party planner who will have the best local deals, pre-book your tables in the clubs and know all the top restaurants that accommodate large groups. You will also enjoy hassle-free transfers and a wide range of daytime activities. When everything is taken care of, you can focus on making memories to last a lifetime (even if some must never be repeated).

Your only job is to get everyone to the airport on time!


4. Lord of the Rings – They are small, slippery, valuable and pretty damn crucial for the ceremony. Keep the rings safe in your pocket and hand them over at the right moment – it's that simple!

5. Treasurer– Yeah you were in charge of the stag do piggy bank, but now you are taking it up a level. Check with the bride and groom about who needs paying on the big day and make sure you have the cash ready to settle up.

6. The host with the most– Well done, you made it to the reception! That means no one did a runner and you didn’t lose the rings. Now the real work begins. Whether it’s flirting with Aunt Edna, dancing with the bridesmaids or stopping grandpa from getting wasted, you need to do whatever it takes to make the reception run smoothly. You're also in charge of getting everyone to their tables for the wedding breakfast and sorting any catering queries (yes, Linda is gluten free, lactose intolerant and a vegan!).

7. Public speaker – There’s no avoiding it, you’re going to make a speech, so you might as well make it awesome. Preparation is crucial, ruining this speech might lose you your best friend, feeling the pressure yet?

DO: Be confident, keep it light-hearted and to the point. Yes, you must include something heartfelt about the happy couple.

DON’T: Use cliques, mention ex-girlfriends or reveal ANYTHING that happened on the stag do. Definitely, don't get carried away with the Dutch courage and pass out halfway through.

That’s all there is to it; you've got this. Time to be the bestest best man ever!

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