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Weekend Transfers

We pick you up and drop you off at the airport. We also take you to all the activities throughout your stay

Weekend Accommodation

Great accommodation is at the heart of what we do. We only partner with the best rated accommodation providers in Vilnius Old Town. Once your booking has been processed, we will share your accommodation details and pictures. Breakfast included. Hotel prices are based on 2 people sharing.

Weekend Party Guide

Your party guide will be there for you from the moment that you land until you leave. They will ensure that you get to your activities on time, they will pre-book your dinners, will sort out your entrances to bars and clubs, and will be your point of contact for anything you need throughout your stay in Vilnius

Weekend Uniform

Vilnius Weekend branded T-shirts are included in your package. For an extra charge, we can also can make a T-shirt with your name or nickname on it. Please ensure that you email us your sizes and special requirements.

Weekend Dinner

Traditional Lithuanian or European feast and 1 pint of craft Lithuanian beer. Please let us know your dietary requirements.

Weekend Limo

A limo will pick you up straight from your dinner and drop you off at various bars. You will have enough spins around the city to see the crazy Vilnius nightlife. We will throw in a couple of bottles of drinks just to keep you warm. For bachelor parties we can arrange for female company in your limo.

Weekend Pub crawl

Our tour guide will take you to 3 of the best bars and cocktail clubs in town. Drinks, tables and entrances are all sorted. Bar #1 – 1 drink on us and then we move on. Bar #2 – one more drink. Bar #3 - cocktail club – VIPtable with a bottle of your choice (vodka/whiskey) for a group of up to 10 people. 2 bottles for a group of 10 -20. You can buy additional drinks throughout the night at very competitive prices.

Weekend Cocktail bar

Entrance, VIP table and a bottle of vodka for a group up to 10 people. 2 bottles for a group of 10 to 20 people.

Weekend Night club

Entrance to the best nightclubs in town and dancing until the early hours of the morning. VIP table, 1.5L of spirit (vodka or whiskey) for a group of up to 10, and 3L for a group of 10 to 20.

Weekend Female company in limo

For bachelor parties we can arrange female company in your limo. 1-2 strippers depending on the group size.

Weekend Gentlemen club

Want to have a pit stop at a strip club to treat your bachelor with a private dance? Then let’s go to a gentleman’s club. Price includes entrance, 1 drink and a private dance for the bachelor. Please enquire for more packages.

Weekend Topless steak

Entrance to a strip bar, steak and 2 drinks. (Instead of regular Saturday dinner.)

Weekend Kalashnikov clay pigeon

Lithuanians are notorious for enjoying the exhilarating and satisfying sport of shooting. State-of-the-art facilities and scenic vistas make your day even more memorable. Do you think that you’ve got what it takes to handle the shooting challenge? Find out on your Vilnius weekend.Duration 3-4h

Weekend Water sports

Get ready to get wet and have lots of fun in the lake water skiing, wake boarding, rowing, chilling on a stand up pedal bard or being towed on an extreme tube ride. All activities are instructed by a Lithuanian water ski champion. All equipment included. Duration 3-4h

Weekend Zorb football

The funniest and craziest activity! Football game in inflatable balls where no football skills are required. To get the ball from your opponent you’ll need to bash into them, resulting in some hilarious bounces and a truly memorable experience. Duration 2h

Weekend Shooting in the woods

Experience the exciting stimulation of an active duty artilleryman in the Lithuanian woods. Alongside teammates you will use replica weapons called airsoft guns to launch spherical non-metallic pellets to hit and eliminate your opponent. Prepare traps for the enemy, run, seek, hide, and help each other until the last person is defeated. Duration 3-4h

Weekend Soviet Bunker and KGB office

Step back in time and explore 50 years of Soviet rule. During the Survival drama you will wave goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones. You will put on a Soviet threadbare coat and dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities. You’ll be taken to the maze, watch TV shows and enter shops of 1984, be interrogated in a KGB office, learn the anthem of the USSR and get used to wearing a gas mask. You’ll dance to the music of those times and will eat a Soviet lunch. Duration: 4hours. The drama is run by professional actors and none of the activities are dangerous.

Weekend Target shooting

Have you ever handled a Glock or a Beretta? This is your opportunity! Shooting is a thrilling way to blow off some steam. Take advantage of the Lithuanian gun laws and enjoy this activity that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Can select from Beretta, Glock, Kalashnikov equivalent, Makarov, Margo, Sigsauer, TT, Valter and Winchester. Duration 2-3h

Weekend 4 x 4 mud survivor

Get ready for a bumpy ride 4 x 4 off-roading in the Lithuanian countryside on a dirt track amidst forests and wetlands. Venture off-track and take the rugged 4 x 4 through the woods, over fields and along the filthiest dirt tracks! Expect an exhilarating ride full of mud jumps, steep inclines, sharp descents, deep ditches and surprise corners. Driving license required. Duration 4h

Weekend Tank driving

Do you think that you’ve got what it takes to drive a British built FV432 MK2? This vehicle, weighing in at 15 tons, made it’s debut in the 60s and since has seen many battlefields. It has a roaring Rolls Royce k60 multi-fuel engine with 240hp. Enjoy the opportunity to manoeuvre this piece of machinery on a bumpy track full of obstacles. Duration 2h

Weekend Trakai sailing trip

Surrounded by 5 beautiful lakes, Trakai is a historical capital of medieval Lithuania, fascinating with its architecture, castle, traditional dishes and much more! We will take a short trip to Trakai and then jump on a sailing boat and have a relaxing spin around the castle and the lakes. We will finish off with a beautiful lunch overlooking the lakes. Best to save this for Sunday; it’s an amazing hangover cure. Duration 3-4h.

Weekend Hot air balloons

Vilnius is the only capital in Europe where hot air balloons fly above the city. If you are not afraid of heights, this is something not to miss! We love music in our balloons and a glass of champagne afterwards. Everyone who flies in the balloon for the first time gets christened by old traditions and a certificate to take home. 1h above Vilnius, total duration 2.5h

Weekend Flight bookings

Flight tickets are not part of the package. However, we can book the tickets on your behalf for an extra fee.

Weekend Private jet

We also partner with various private jet companies so that your group can travel in style and comfort. Please provide your requirements

Weekend Photographer

If you would like an official photographer following you like an international celebrity, please let us know and we can arrange a paparazzi.

Weekend Bachelor pranks

We can help you organize pranks for the stag such as fake bride, police arrests, or missing mates, just like in the movie The Hangover.Call us with your idea and we will help you to make it happen.

Weekend Additional information

If you would like additional activities which are not part of this package or have special requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to incorporate them into your amazing weekend